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Graduate Student Positions

We welcome graduate students with strong interests in computational and statistical genomics. Joint wet/dry positions with Francesca Luca are also possible. If you want to know more about the CMMG graduate programs and how to apply please visit this link. For questions about opportunities in our lab, please contact us directly.

Post-doctoral Positions

Two post-doctoral positions are available in the Luca/Pique-Regi group. Examples of collaborative projects include: characterizing variation in the response to hormonal and environmental stimuli, identifying tissue-specific cis-regulatory modules with DNase-I/ATAC-seq footprinting, and detecting signals of selection and adaptation in gene regulatory regions. The ultimate aim is to learn about the genetic basis of disease susceptibility and response to treatment.

We have a strong record in using both functional and evolutionary genomics approaches. We use a combination of high throughput experimental platforms and computational/statistical tools. We seek applicants who are very creative, energetic, and can work independently. We operate relatively small but well-funded and intense laboratories. The goal is that everyone should have the resources, support and mentorship needed to be successful and become an independent investigator.

The two positions are intended for applicants with complementary expertise. Specifically we are looking for talented individuals with either a strong experimental and/or computational background that will contribute complementary expertise to create a team jointly supervised by Dr. Luca and Dr. Pique-Regi.

The experimentalist position would be under the direct supervision of Dr. Luca, and requires experience in collecting genome-scale data, in mammalian cell and tissue culture techniques and in molecular genetics techniques. Familiarity with the quantitative skills required for the analysis of genomic data (e.g., Python, R, scripts for setting up an analysis pipeline) is also required.

For the computational position (under the direct supervision of Dr. Pique-Regi), applicants should have a strong background in quantitative/statistical skills, and a very strong interest in biological applications. A background in genomics, gene regulation or statistical genetics is an advantage, although we will consider outstanding candidates with quantitative degrees (e.g. in Statistics, CS, or Engineering) For more information please contact:

Roger Pique-Regi, PhD
e-mail: rpique(at)wayne(dot)edu
Francesca Luca, PhD
e-mail: fluca(at)wayne(dot)edu

Undergraduate Student Positions

We welcome Wayne State undergraduate students with a strong interest in genetics, bioinformatics, evolution and/or genomics. Students with programming skills will be able to contribute the most to current and ongoing research projects. Opportunities are available for undergraduate students who are interested in volunteering, research/directed-study classes and undergraduate thesis projects. Students from Wayne State and from any other University in the United States who are interested in summer research opportunities (experimental and/or computational) are encouraged to apply to the Summer Undergraduate Research Program.

For questions about opportunities in our lab, please contact us and send us a CV and list of interests and skills.